What is ISSA?

The Information Systems Security Association (ISSA)® is a not-for-profit, international organization of information security professionals and practitioners. It provides educational forums, publications, and peer interaction opportunities that enhance the knowledge, skill, and professional growth of its members. Our local chapter is North Texas ISSA.

What is ISSA UTD?

As the official student subchapter of North Texas ISSA at UT Dallas, we are a uniquely networking-based security organization. We're kicking off in Spring 2023 to build a campus community where students of all experience levels can explore the dynamic field of information security, backed by the extensive resources of ISSA.

Why join ISSA UTD?

We'll attend and host educational events with accomplished professionals from North Texas ISSA and the broader cybersecurity community on campus. In addition, members of our subchapter will be eligible to obtain a discounted ISSA membership, which offers a huge advantage for your early career and big discounts on NTX ISSA events. We welcome all students interested in business, IT, or security to join!

Our Team


Akash Taduri


Marzia Cava

Vice President
(External Affairs)

Justin Heo

Vice President
(Internal Affairs)

Shreyas Revalkar 


Ajay Amit

Deputy Officer

Aayush Ranjan

Deputy Officer

Caleb French

Deputy Officer

Pallavi Mekala

Development Officer

Soumee Roy

Outreach Officer

Ayush Singh

 Outreach Deputy

Garima Goswami

Outreach Deputy

Mariya Khan

Outreach Deputy


Faculty Sponsor

Anton Sobolev

Assistant Professor of Political Economy and Cyber Policy

Featured Alumni

Tahlla Taylor

President and Founder

MS Cybersecurity, Technology and Policy

"I founded ISSA UTD in hopes to build a professional group within UTD that would bring professional development and cybersecurity skill type workshops to other students at UTD. Along with that, I founded the organization to provide cybersecurity students with a network of cybersecurity professionals that can mentor and provide opportunities to students post graduation as well. My favorite memory is hosting and planning the Speed Interviewing workshop. In this workshop we collected the resumes of students prior and provided them to the cybersecurity professionals helping with the workshop. We did this so that the interviewers could make custom questions to ask the interviewee during the workshop. We received positive feedback from attendees and the interviewers had a blast as well! I am looking forward to seeing how ISSA UTD will grow under its future leaders."